Plagiarism awareness for academic staff

Official College information for students is available from Registry, see Examinations and assessment. Advice and department policies are informed by the College's Cheating Offences Policy and Procedures which includes procedures for handling alleged cases of student plagiarism in examinations and coursework. Registry, and your department's senior tutor, DUGS, DPGS (or equivalents) and College Deans are all sources of advice on procedure.

The Educational Development Unit provides advice to academic staff who need to consider how to ‘design out' plagiarism in their student assessments.

The Library is the major provider of plagiarism awareness teaching, and can deliver in-class workshops and lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate taught course students, tailored to the department and programme needs. In addition, through its online programme (Olivia) available on Blackboard, there are 24/7 reference tools for undergraduate and Master's students. Academic and administrative staff are welcome to register to use these programmes. Please contact the Education Support team for further information about the course content, how to arrange a course for your department or Master's programme, or for registration.

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The e-Learning team and the Library can provide training and advice on the use of Turnitin a text-matching service that can be used to detect potential plagiarism and assist the teaching of plagiarism awareness. In addition, learning technologists will be able to assist with the use of Turnitin in Blackboard.

Academic and relevant administrative staff are strongly advised either to attend a training workshop, or consult the online advice and training materials before using Turnitin for coursework submission. Please contact the Library's Education Support team for more information about training and advice.