1.1 This guideline explains the regulations for all systems connecting to the College network.
1.2 An unacceptable network event is any action that might cause disruption to fair use of network by others.
2.1 All systems connected to the College network via a wired connection must be accurately registered with ICT in the Host Database (HDB) and use only an IP address to which the registration entitles it. Registrations can be arranged via ICT Faculty Support teams or the ICT Service Desk. There is no need to register devices connecting wirelessly.
2.2 Information Asset Owners (a.k.a. Custodians as identified in HDB) must ensure that only authorised College users or properly registered guests have access to the College network from their systems.
2.3 All network addresses, including IP addresses, will be allocated and administered by ICT. Information asset owners (Custodians) must not allocate their own IP addresses.
2.4 All systems directly connected to the College network must comply with the current technical networking requirements defined by ICT.
2.5 ICT may, on behalf of the College, and subject to appropriate consultations, restrict excessive use of the backbone bandwidth.
2.6 In the event of unacceptable network events occurring, ICT has the right to gain access to and inspect the configuration of devices or equipment on that network and to request the immediate removal of any devices or equipment that it believes could be the source of the problem.
2.7 In the event of unacceptable network events causing problems on any part of the College network or on an external network, ICT has the right to disable any part of the network, as necessary, in order to remove the source of the problem. While every effort will be made to contact the information asset owner (custodian), Head of Department and/or other appropriate persons, this may not always be possible. All services will be reconnected at the first opportunity.
November 2016