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This course designed for absolute beginners with no previous experience of French aims to introduce students to the basics of the French language and to equip them with the skills needed for everyday situations in a French-speaking environment. Students can expect to learn how to introduce themselves and others, talk about their town and country, to describe their daily routine and living environment, to shop for clothes, to buy and order food/drink and to make simple travel arrangements. Basic elements of French grammar will be introduced and all four skills will be developed: listening, speaking, reading and writing to a basic level (A1- CEFR)

The approach of this course is communicative and cultural topics related to France will be introduced.

Starting from the most basic aspects of the French language – alphabet differences & pronunciation - students will be listening to and speaking French from the first day: learning how to introduce themselves (greetings nationalities, names of countries, etc). By the end of the course, students should be familiar with essential aspects of the language such as word gender, number and the present tense. Students will have also acquired relevant vocabulary to interact in French in a basic way in a number of everyday situations.

Cultural aspects of the French speaking world are introduced through listening exercises, reading and class activities.

Throughout the course, French will be used when practising oral skills and students will be encouraged to communicate in the target language in the classroom. 

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • greet and introduce themselves and others;
  • describe their family, home, daily activities;
  • buy tickets and enquire about timetables;
  • buy food and clothes;
  • order and pay for drinks or meals;
  • book accommodations: hotel rooms, gîteschambres d’hôtes;
  • ask for and understand directions;
  • talk about the weather;
  • express likes and dislikes;
  • understand familiar words and very basic phrases concerning their immediate and concrete surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly;
  • write a short, simple postcard.
  • understand very simple texts such as notices or posters.

 Course materials

This course has no class textbook; all materials are provided by the teacher. Students are advised to buy a small dictionary so that it can be used during lessons.

Questions regarding the content and teaching of this course should be addressed to the French Coordinator, Ms Sibylle Moulin,

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N.B: Enrolment starts 27 March 2018