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Make a date with an evening of discovery 

Explore the fun, creative and perhaps unexpected side of science with a free evening of discovery at one of our Imperial Fringe events. Join us as our scientists and their ground-breaking research take a break from the lab for a night of hands-on demos, crafty workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks for all ages to enjoy.

 Last year’s year 5 Fringe events saw over 3000 people join us to meet our researchers and learn all about their work.

 You can get a better of idea of what to expect from an Imperial Fringe with reports on previous Fringes below.

Imperial Fringe: Intelligence Redesigned

The next Fringe event is scheduled on Thursday 18 January at South Kensington Campus, College Main Entrance, between 17.00 and 20.00.

Artificial Intelligence could solve some of the great challenges of our time, shape tomorrow’s world and even make our home lives that bit more comfortable. Come and find out how!

From virtual personal assistants, electronic heart surgeons, digital film critics and a robotic companion for autistic children with a knack for impressions, say hi to AI and meet the real people behind the latest developments and applications in artificial intelligence at our next Imperial Fringe evening celebration.

The Fringe evening will feature opportunities to:

  • Meet Olly, a personal assistant for your home that learns your behaviour and creates its personality based on yours that has been developed by Department of Computing’s Zafeirios Fountas
  • Find out how AI is helping neuroscientists investigate how are brains are wired with the Department of Medicine’s Romy Lorenz
  • Say hi to a robot called Zeno who is helping with children with autism develop their learning and emotional understanding with Maja Pantic
  • Play hockey with the Department of Design Engineering’s Petar Kormushev and Robot DeNiro, our smiley, hat wearing Sports-bot who is using machine learning to improve his puck control
  • Have your face 3D scanned by Machine Learning expert Stefanos Zafeiriou and plastic surgeons aiming to improve the outcome

Register here or below and receive a preview of the Fringe programme and news of any offers exclusive to our registered attendees.

*Please note that this ticket does not guarantee places on tours or talks that form part of the Fringe evening. You will still need to sign up for these upon your arrival, on a first come, first served basis.

Imperial Fringe: AI 

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