Will you support the scientific leaders of tomorrow? Help us create new opportunities that kindle scientific curiosity and spark ground-breaking research.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences’ mission is to make fundamental discoveries in the physical, mathematical and life sciences. With your help, we integrate research across these areas in a multidisciplinary way to apply our discoveries to the benefit of humanity.

The Dean’s Fund: opening up a world of opportunity

Our scholars are the next generation of scientists, with the potential to make ground-breaking discoveries.  With your support, we can ensure that their research is strengthened and inspired by contact with scientists around the world.

In 2015-16, thanks to generous gifts to the Dean’s Fund, we were able to support all Natural Sciences students undertaking placements abroad with travel bursaries, creating opportunities for learning in different ways and a chance to kindle that spark of scientific curiosity in new and exciting fields of study.

Physics labAs Anastasia-Maria Zavitsanou, travel bursary recipient, said: “My research placement at MIT enabled me to develop a more holistic understanding of how the scientific community operates.  Experiencing how some of the greatest minds in biological sciences discuss current research was a truly amazing experience.  Bursaries provided by the Dean’s Fund are essential for students that do not have the financial background to support themselves, but do have the passion to spend their summers working on a field of their interest.”

You can help us do more

With your help, the Dean’s Fund can accomplish so much more.  Our future strategy for this Fund revolves around three key initiatives:

  • Nurturing the Scientific Leaders of Tomorrow - Your support helps us to offer more paid research placements and internships, creating new opportunities for all students to gain experience working alongside leading researchers.
  • Enhancing Educational Engagement - With your support, the Faculty can pioneer new approaches to teaching, complement traditional classroom instruction with digital media and harness social media to open up discussion and debate between students and staff.
  • Extending Global Connections - Your support will allow us to offer more fully-funded overseas exchange opportunities for undergraduates and early career researchers, plugging them into an increasingly global science culture.

Make a difference with a gift to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

In order to educate the scientists of the future to the highest standard, we need continued investment in the Faculty through the Dean’s Fund. The Dean’s Fund for the Faculty of Natural Sciences supports only students studying the natural sciences, an approach that allows alumni and friends of the College to focus their gifts on an area of study that means the most to them. Unrestricted gifts to the Dean’s Fund allow the Faculty the flexibility to meet immediate and varying needs as they arise.

You can make a gift today to help the Faculty of Natural Sciences address the future needs of both students and academics, and stay at the very forefront of science worldwide.

Together, 225 donors generously gave £56,654 to the Faculty of Natural Sciences Dean's Fund last financial year. Thank you.