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As part of the Support Services initiative to modernise College processes, the College will be implementing an availability and absence management system this year, called TeamSeer. The system has been developed to manage staff availability, e.g. holiday, sickness, and other absence types required by the College. The project aims to give members of staff and managers a user-friendly system to record leave in an effective and efficient way.

Currently, the College has no consistent process for requesting and documenting staff availability and absence. TeamSeer has been identified as an alternative system to the processes currently in place. The system supports the College to meet the statutory regulation around Tier 2 & 5 visa holders and to report on outstanding annual leave, as required as part of FRS102. It will allow the College to report on data in one, centralised system through a BI reporting tool. TeamSeer also includes an overtime functionality to record overtime, which will be explored with Finance during the project.

Overall, the new system will improve user experience, data quality and decision-making.


Benefits to the College

✔User-friendly and easy-to-use system
✔No paperwork
✔Team view feature
✔Alternative approvers
✔The new system will allow the College to report on and monitor leave types, e.g. holiday and sickness
✔Allows the College to report on outstanding annual leave- a requirement of FRS102
✔Supports the College to meet the statutory regulations around Tier 2 & 5 visa holders

How the system will work

TeamSeeris an online planner, which will be accessible via the College’s single sign-on login. Members of staff will raise their requests for annual leave, sickness and other types of leave, which will send an email to their manager for approval.  

The image below shows how the system will look when a member of staff books their leave. The light blue boxes represent the holiday leave that has been requested. The boxes will turn dark blue once the leave has been approved.

  • Book Holiday in TeamSeer’s user friendly format

TeamSeer screenprintManagers will have the option to approve, edit or decline leave via the email when a request is raised. Alternative approvers can be set up in the system to approve, edit or decline leave on behalf of a manager. Members of staff and managers will have access to a ‘team view’ feature, which will show their team’s availability, to help with the process of booking and approving leave. Managers will also be able to see the specific reasons for the leave.  The image below shows the ‘team view’ feature in the system that staff members and managers will see.

  • Request holiday approval by email
  • See what the team is doing

TeamSeer screenprintLine managers will be able to run reports on their team. The image below shows that managers can run reports on holiday allowances, holiday used and number of sick days each member of staff has taken.

  • Select the Team reports option to access a report on staff that you line manage

TeamSeer screenprint


The project approach is split into six separate phases:

 Project phase

Go live date

Faculties/Support Services divisions

Staff group

 Phase I

22 March 2017

Faculty of Engineering (FoE)
Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS)

FoE - all Professional Services only
FoE - tier 2 and Tier 5 only
FoNS - all staff - Life Sciences Department

 Phase II

14 August 2017

Faculty of Engineering (FoE)
Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS)

Human Resources (including OH and OE)

Security Division - all staff
FoE - Professional Services part-timers
FoE - Tier 2 and 5 part-timers only
FoNS - Life Sciences part-timers only
Human Resources- all staff

Phase III

01 February 2018

Faculty of Medicine (FoM)
Support Services
Faculty of Engineering (FoE)
Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS)
Business School

FoM - all staff including ICAMS users
Support Services - all staff including ICAMS users
FoE - Academic and Research only excluding tiers 2 and 5 covered in Phases I and II
FoNS - all staff not covered under Phases I and II
Business School - all staff

All other ICAMS users

 Phase IV

31 March 2018

 Purge ICAMS absence data and decommission database


Phase I and II are termed pilot phases.  The system will be rolled out College-wide is dependent on the success of Phase I and II.



Training word on keyboardHigh-level training will be provided by aCloudTeamSeer to system and departmental administrators. These roles will be identified as the project progresses and training will be provided. Guidance notes will be available for staff detailing the functionalities of the system.

Frequently asked questions

Question marks on cards

How do I log into my account?
If your Faculty or department is part of Phase I or II, you can log into you TeamSeer account via this link  Please view the implementation tab for more information on the project phases.

There will be the option to enter holiday leave by keyboard or by mouse click. The company is currently developing a mobile webpage to meet Imperial’s accessibility requirements.

Who is able to enter sick leave?
Any member of staff within the College can log their own sick leave or log sick leave on behalf of a colleague. If logged on behalf of a colleague, the member of staff unwell will receive an email notification for them to confirm the sickness log raised is correct.

Please note, no other leave type can be raised on behalf of another member of staff unless you have permissions to do so. Nominated departmental administrators and HR are able to log other types of leaves.

Will my sick leave be visible to my team?
No. Sick leave will be hidden and your team will be unable to see details. The only leave that will be visible on your calendar will be annual leave, work from home days and training. Nominated departmental administrators and HR will have visibility to leave types so they are able to carry out their normal working duties.

I am a manager and have had some  line manager changes in my team. How can I update TeamSeer?
Please update any  line manager changes via Manager Self Service (MSS) at this link Changes will be captured daily and updated in TeamSeer automatically. Please allow 1 working day for changes to be updated.

Will the system take into account College closure dates?
Yes. College Closure dates will be entered into TeamSeer each year.

I don’t work full time, how will the system process my work pattern?
Work patterns will be taken from the HR database, and changes will be captured daily. If you have a varying work pattern (e.g. a shift pattern), a departmental administrator will manage your pattern directly in the system. TeamSeer will calculate your leave entitlement accordingly.  

If I leave and re-join Imperial, will I have the same account?
Yes, if you re-join Imperial the system will identify you based on your CID and your account will be reactivated. 

Will the system link with my outlook calendar?
Yes, the system will create calendar entries in your Outlook calendar. This feature can be switched off. 

Adding aCloudTeamSeer Permission in Outlook (Word)

What happens if I am unwell during my holiday leave?
You must submit a cancellation request for any 'other' leave (e.g. holidays) you had booked during this period. Once the cancellation has been approved by your manager, you are able to complete the return to work form.

If I have any further questions who can I ask?
If you experience any problems with the system please contact your departmental administrator. These roles will be confirmed nearer the time of the go-live date for your area.


Introductory video for users

Introductory video for users

Please see this short video for a brief overview of the system