These FAQs are designed to address the most common questions arising in relation to ICAMS.  If your question is not answered here, please request further advice through the ASK HR Policy, Systems and Information platform (selecting the 'ICAMS - raise a request of query' option).

For ease of reference these FAQs have been broken down into the following categories:


All users

  1. How do I access the absence management (ICAMS) system?
    You can access the absence management (ICAMS) system from here. You may find it helpful to bookmark this link or add it to your favourites.  In order to access the application itself you will need to enter your usual single sign on college login and password.
  2. What absence types can be viewed in the Absence Calendar?
    The ICAMS absence types are available to view.
  3. How do I book my leave/absence if I work part-time?
    If you are a part-time employee, in order for your allowances to calculate correctly, you will need to raise separate leave/absence requests that reflect your working pattern i.e. if your working pattern is that you work on a Monday, Thursday and Friday and you wish to take one weeks' leave/absence, you will need to raise one request for the Monday and a separate request for Thursday and Friday.
  4. Can I cancel a leave/absence request before submitting?
    If when entering your leave/absence details, you need to cancel the request before submitting, clicking on the Cancel button will return you to the homepage.
  5. Can I amend a leave/absence request that has already been approved?
    No, you are only able to amend a leave/absence request that has not yet been approved.
  6. Are College Closure days and Bank Holidays displayed in the Absence Calendar?
    Yes, both dates will be displayed in the Absence Calendar.
  7. Can I hide my photo?
    Yes, to hide your photo, click on the ‘Click here to upload a new picture’ link in the My Photo section of the homepage and then click on the Hide My Photo button.
  8. How do I raise a request for leave within the absence management (ICAMS) system?
    You can raise a request through ASK HR Policy, Systems and Information (selecting the ICAMS option).
  9. What should I do if I think my holiday leave entitlement is not correct within the absence management (ICAMS) system?
    Please ask your manager in the first instance. 
  10. Where can I get further assistance?
    Help text is provided within the application itself; this can be accessed by selecting the Help link on any page. More comprehensive information is available from the ICAMS User Guide [pdf]. If you require further assistance with using the application or should you have any queries please email

PBS Tier 2 or 5 Workers - General

  1. Why do absences need to be recorded in the absence management (ICAMS) system?
    The College is required to maintain up-to-date records of all absences/attendances for PBS Tier 2 or 5 workers.  To best comply with this requirement  Provost Board have given approval to this being maintained via our absence management (ICAMS) system.
  2. Which types of absences are we required to record for Tier 2/5 workers?
    • Any absences that are part of the College’s normal processes:
      • Planned absences such as Annual Leave; Family Leave (i.e. Maternity Leave, Paternity /Maternity Support Leave, Adoption/Surrogacy Leave & Parental Leave); and Special Leave such as Jury Service/Witness Duty, Sabbatical Leave/Leave of Absence, Secondments, Study Leave,  leave for Public Duties & Volunteer Reserve Forces, etc 
      • Unplanned absences such as Sickness Absence; and Special Leave such as Compassionate Leave and Domestic/Family Emergency Leave, etc
    • Any other occasions where you are working away from the College and/or are not contactable e.g. attending Conferences outside the UK, etc.
    Absences that are part of the normal work related comings and goings such as working from home, travel to conferences within the UK, etc do not need to be recorded providing you have given us your up-to-date contact details and are contactable within a reasonable period of time.
  3. As sickness is recorded within the absence management (ICAMS), is it still necessary to complete a Sickness Absence Record form?
    Yes, a Sickness Absence Notification form must still be completed. The absence management (ICAMS) system is not integrated with ICIS, therefore existing processes for notifying/certifying sickness absence and any other absence types is required in order to ensure that payroll process any absences which have an impact on pay.


  1. How can I see conflicting absences within all teams that I manage?
    If there are any conflicting absences within your team, these will be displayed in the Conflicting Absences section of the Outstanding Request page. You can switch between Manager view, which shows all teams that you manage and Department view, which only shows the team in which the user with a conflicting request sits.
  2. How can I view the availability of individuals sitting in other teams/groups?
    You can search for individuals sitting in other teams/groups (that you have access to) from the Today’s Availability section by using the Find Person or Department search field in the Search section.
  3. How do I approve a request?
    When your member of staff raises a request, those defined as the manager and the deputy within the area will receive an email notification. You will then need to log into the absence management (ICAMS) system to review, accept or reject the request. An email notification will be sent for each request. Accepted requests will include a calendar attachment to enable both you and your member of staff to keep your Outlook calendars up to date.  Full instructions on how to approve a request are available from the ICAMS Manager Guide [pdf].
  4. How do I advise of staff changes to be made within the absence managment (ICAMS) system and what changes do I need to advise?
    Please raise an absence management (ICAMS') request through ASK HR Policy, Systems and Information (selecting the ICAMS option)  to advise any of the following occurences:
    • New starter
    • Additional holiday purchased
    • Changes to working hours which increases or reduces holiday allowance
    • A Tier 2 or 5 worker ceases to be sponsored under that tier
    • A member of staff leaves or transfers to a new team, department, etc
    • A change to the ICAMS Manager