Recruitment reference document

Academic and Clinical Application form Guidance

For Lecturer and Senior Lecturer applications the following areas must be covered in your application; they are mandatory.

If you are applying for the following positions -  Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, Principal Research Fellow, Reader, Chair, Associate Professor and Professor - you may wish to address the following areas in your application but there is no obligation to do so.

Sufficient space has been provided within the on-line application form for you to address each of these areas. Please note that there is an attachment section within the on-line application form which will enable you to upload related documents (e.g. PDFs of articles etc.) if relevant/necessary.


Provide information on past and current contributions to education to include:

  • Courses taught or/and currently teaching, including dates.
  • Type of teaching involved e.g. lectures, tutorials, supervision etc.
  • The impact of your teaching.
  • Results of teaching evaluations, where appropriate.

Innovation and Creativity

 Provide information on teaching innovation and examples of creativity:

  •  What did you do and when?
  • Include examples of course design, teaching methods, use of e-learning etc.
  • Ways of adapting to the special needs of some students i.e. if they have a disability.
  • Initiatives taken to change methods of assessment. What did you do specifically?

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Please list grants held in the last five years in chronological order.
  • Explain your role i.e. were you/are you the Principal Investigator or Joint Principal Investigator?

You may find the following structure useful to replicate/cover:

  • Funding source
  • Project title
  • Duration (months)
  • Start date
  • Total value of support
  • Names of other grants of contract holders (if any)


Publications should be categorised into:

  • Refereed full papers
  • Refereed conference publications
  • Conference abstracts
  • Books and/or book chapters
  • Patents
  • Other


  • Four of your best published research papers from the last 5 years. If there are special circumstances affecting your research output, please explain.
  • List all authors in order of how they appear in the original paper.  Dates and page numbers (both first and last pages) must be included. 
  • A brief summary of each paper, explaining key points and why each is important
  • Publications should be presented in chronological order and numbered.
  • In the attachment section of the application form, include PDF documents that can be downloaded for reference. Alternatively, include a word document with hyperlinks to PDF documents that can be downloaded for reference.


Provide details of:

  • Current research.
  • Major research contributions to date.
  • Research plans and goals for the next 5 years.
  • The significance, impact and influence of your research.
  • Research students – past and present with their start and end dates, status of their viva, whether you were the sole or joint supervisor.

You may find the following format useful –

  • Type of degree
  • Start date/end date
  • Name
  • Title of project
  • Sole supervisor
  • Name of co-supervisor

The College is a proud signatory to the San-Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which means that in hiring and promotion decisions, we are determined to evaluate applicants on the quality of their work, not the journal impact factor where it is published. Find out more.

Management, Administrative and other Relevant Activities 

  • Contributions to management and/or administration. e.g. public engagement, outreach and value-added activities.
  • Please provide details in chronological order.

Personal Development and Developing Others

  • Career development opportunities taken. 
  • Attendance at workshops or activities to develop your skills and knowledge.  Please highlight their benefit. 
  • What  have you done that might help ensure equal opportunities e.g. curriculum development, championing diversity initiatives, mentoring minority academic/research staff? 
  • For those with staff management experience, how did you ensure that you provided developmental guidance and support to your staff?

Evidence of Esteem, External Visibility and Professional Activities

Please provide evidence of esteem.  For example:

  • Keynote and plenary lecture invitations at national and international conferences?
  • Membership of editorial boards, governmental and research council committees, public policy bodies; visiting fellowships; prizes etc.
  • Refereeing activities.
  • Consultancies, details of patents or industrial involvement arising from your research, such as spin-out companies.
  • Information should be provided in chronological order, with dates, and on not more than two pages.