How do I find a collaborator in an overseas institution?

The College has links with many overseas institutions, some of these are formalised through Memorandums of Understanding (often supported by the International Relations Office), however, over the years our community of researchers have developed numerous research collaborations across the globe and it is possible to discover these connections through data sources to which the College has access. Follow the link below for guidance on how to search for these connections.

International Collaborator Identification Guide

How do I find potential partners in other disciplines here at the College?

As part of the GCRF activity, the Research Office at the College is maintaining a pipeline tracker which information on records areas of interest and potential bids to the GCRF Collective Fund from our academic community, a copy of the pipeline is available to download below and can be shared internally with colleagues. If you are interested in adding information to the pipeline, please complete as much information as possible and send the spreadsheet to your Faculty Strategic Research Manager (contact details can be found below).

GCRF Tracker

Strategic Research Managers

 Business School  Dr David Wilson
 Engineering  Ms Jane Williams
 Medicine  Dr Louise Shelley (maternity cover)
 Natural Sciences  Dr Sophie Armstrong-Brown
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GCRF Expert Review Group

As part of our GCRF activities, the Vice-Provost has invited a selection of the College's academics who have significant experience working with developing countries, memebrship of global NGOs and peer-review of schemes with similar criteria to GCRF (such as the Newton Funds) to form an Expert Review Group. The Group's main responsibility is to assist with internal review of proposals  for either RCUK calls where an institutional limit has been placed upon the College for the number of submissions or for the distribution of funds internally within the College that we have received from a funder. A list of the members of the Expert Review Group can be found here.

RCUKs Interactive Tool to Explore GCRF Funded Projects on Gateway to Research

RCUK have developed an interactive tool which can be used to view GCRF funded projects that are currently listed on Gateway to Research. The tool allows you to view whcih countries have been linked to GCRF funded projects and a table of data whcih contains links through to the Gateway to Research website to find further information.

RCUK GCRF Awarded Projects Visualisation Tool

GCRF Guide

A one page intorductory guide to GCRF.

GCRF Guide