‌‌‌‌‌‌Making a nomination

Nominations for the 2018 President's Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement are closed.

To make a nomination please use the online award system. If you are accessing the system off-site, please make sure you are connected to the VPN.

Please refer to the system user guide (PDF) to help you access the system and enter your nomination. Specific guidance for each award category can be found below.

For further information please contact societal_engagement@imperial.ac.uk.


Who can make a nomination?

Nominations can be made by staff and students from all areas of the College. Self-nomination is not permitted for individual nominations.

When nominating a team, the team leader’s name should be used in the ‘nominee’ field. Please include the name of the project or team, and the names of each team member, in the  ‘nomination type’ field of the nomination form. Please only include team members that actively contributed to the activities outlined in the evidence submitted.

Who selects the winners?

Award winners for each award category are conferred by a selection panel Chaired by Professor Maggie Dallman, Associate-Provost (Academic Partnerships). The winner of the President's Medal for exceptional contributions to societal engagement will also be chosen by the selection panel from the pool of nominations received across all four award categories.

Selection panel representation:

  • Professor Maggie Dallman, Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships) - Chair
  • Lord Robert Winston, Chair of Science Communication
  • Professor Sara Rankin, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Professor Helen Ward, School of Public Health
  • Alex 'Chippy' Compton, ICU President (student representative)

Please note - scores are assigned only on the strength of the evidence presented in the nomination form in demonstrating that the nominee meets each of the award criteria.

Can I nominate someone who has already won a President's Award?

Previous award winners may not be re-nominated for the same category of award until at least three years have passed since their previous success (i.e. winners of 2015, 2016, 2017 cannot be re-nominated for the same award in 2018).

What information do I need to prepare a nomination?

Individual guidance documents for each award category are below. Before making a nomination, please check the eligibility requirements and the evidence required by each award category.