Arrangements for Police Registration 2017

Certain international students will be required to register with the police in the UK. If you applied for your visa overseas, this requirement will be printed on your 30-day visa sticker in your passport. The full list of nationalities who are required to register with the police in the UK is given on the UK government website

Please check carefully whether you need to register with the police, as the consequences of not doing so can be serious.

Imperial College has made special arrangements with the Overseas Visitors Records Office (OVRO) in Central London who manage the police registration process to assist you with your registration. How you register depends on when you are due to start your course at Imperial.

Due to these arrangements, you do not need to complete your registration with the Police within 7 days of arriving in the UK.

Police Registration

Students commencing a course between 31 August 2017 – 29 September 2017

You will be able to pre-book an appointment on a specific date with the Overseas Visitors Records Office with them to complete your Police Registration.

Full details and a link to book your appointment with OVRO will be sent to you by the College in early September. Please note, you are not required to bring any police registration documentation to your College in-person registration session.

Registration costs £34, updating an existing Police Registration Certificate is free of charge.

You will need to take the following documents with you to your Police Registration appointment at OVRO:

  • Completed Police Registration proforma with correct sized passport photo pasted to the front
  • £34 registration fee (payable in cash/credit/debit card)
  • Passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit or UKVI letter issued abroad
  • Previous Police Registration Certificate if you have registered before
  • Any Home Office letters if your current visa has been applied for and granted in the UK.

We will send you further information with a link to the application proforma and details of how to complete the application form with the OVRO appointment booking link.

Students commencing a course from 30 September 2017

You will be able to submit your Police Registration proforma to Imperial College who will forward it to OVRO.

OVRO will prepare your registration certificate and you will be allocated a set time and date when you need to attend their office to pay for and collect your certificate. This will be a short, quick appointment and will mean you do not have to queue.

Students applying to register with the Police using this process will be considered to have met their visa requirements for Police Registration and therefore you are not required to have completed this process within 7 days of arriving in the UK.

In order to be eligible for this service, please complete this proforma using our step-by-step guide to completing the PRC Pro-Forma 2017 and return to  Do not sign the form at this stage and do not affix a photograph.

Please note: You must submit your police registration proforma by email 5 days in advance of your in-person registration session at Imperial College in order to collect an appointment time to collect your Police Registration Certificate from OVRO.

Our Police Registration Team will check your proforma to ensure it has been completed correctly. They will print it out and have it ready for you to sign at your in-person registration session with the College. You will also need to bring in a passport photograph.

Your completed, signed proforma will be sent directly to OVRO by Imperial College. You will be given a collection date and time when you will be required to attend OVRO to collect your Police Registration Certificate and pay the £34 registration fee. 


Do I have to use this process?

No there is no requirement for you to use this service. However, we strongly recommend it as you will not have to queue for your certificate. At this time of year OVRO is extremely busy so students attending on their own are likely to be turned away with an appointment time to go back at a later date.

My visa says I have to register within 7 days – will this be a problem?

No. We have a special arrangement with OVRO. If you apply using this service you are considered to have met the requirements of your visa.

I already have a Police Registration Certificate. Do I have to register again?

If you have been granted a new visa for Imperial College then you will need to have your Police Registration Certificate updated by OVRO. You can use this process to do this. You will need to submit your original police registration certificate to the College when you sign your proforma and will collect your updated certificate at your appointment. You will not have to pay the registration fee.

I have made a visa application in the UK so I don’t have my passport or visa. What can I do?

If you have a visa application with the Home Office, please do not participate in this process. Once you receive your documents back from the Home Office you will need to complete your registration or update your current registration certificate by attending OVRO in person.