Profiles: Graduate Entrepreneurs 2016-17

Art of Kindness and Wenstep

Devika Sarin

Company: Art of Kindness

Graduate Entrepreneur: Devika Sarin

Degree: MBA

Art of Kindness is a new marketplace for art, where artists and collectors can discover, exhibit, buy, and sell art while giving to a cause they love. A portion from the sale proceeds are given to one of our social impact partners from all over the world. We share the same proceeds from the sale of the artwork that would ordinarily be “fees” in the traditional art market. 

Art of Kindness is utilizing the intangible qualities and financial value of art to write a new chapter in the story of the art piece. This new story includes you, the artist or collector, the art work, and the champion for social good. It will be shared on our platform, as a unique Art of Kindness experience.

Much of what we are doing is under wraps, but we look forward to sharing more around how we are integrating technology to achieve our goal to change the way we perceive and value art.

"The Graduate Entrepreneur Visa has given me the opportunity to build the company in the UK with the help of Imperial College resources and a larger London based network. It has been exciting transforming an MBA thesis into a venture that combines my passion for social impact, finance, and technology. I look forward to this next year of working on the business and holding our first exhibtion in London."


Company: Wenstep

Graduate Entrepreneur: Shuxin Cheng and Brendan Cawley

Degree: MSc in Innovation Design Engineering 

Wenstep is an immersive language-learning tool that integrates into users daily digital lives. It was an Ed-Tech startup founded by graduates of MSc Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College, Shuxin Cheng and Brendan Cawley.

Wenstep automatically substitutes digital content into the language that users are learning, at a suitable competency level to reinforce previously learned vocabulary and teach new words in context. All of this makes memorisation truly intuitive and keeps users engaged through to mastery.

Currently we have developed a browser plug-in which provides this language substitution based upon a user input, word lists, and suggestions from browsed content to build the vocabulary you are truly interested in while browsing.




Company: Drip

Graduate Entrepreneur: Aditya Sakhuja

Degree: MEng Electronic and Information Engineering 

DRIP is the only customer operated smart alcohol dispensing solution for high-volume nightclubs and bars. 

Bringing the power of data analytics and automation to the nightlife industry, DRIP is disrupting the market with a product that not only reduces a venue’s operational costs by over 30% but also increases sales potential by over 15%. Dubbed “THE product for nightclubs around the world” by industry experts, DRIP enables customers to order, pay and receive up to 8 drinks in under a minute.

DRIP is currently gearing up to hit the affluent drinking market of Dubai and conceiving its global launch in London in early 2018.